M 70 PRO X
M 70 PRO X
M 70 PRO X
M 70 PRO X

M 70 PRO X

Dynamic broadcast microphone for streaming and podcasting

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  • Perfect for streamers, podcasters and YouTubers
  • Assertive, speech-optimised sound
  • Masters challenging acoustic environments
  • Optimum attenuation of popping sounds
  • Shock mount and pop filter included

the new ​​​​​​
​m 70 PRO X

Trusted sound in every recording

The dynamic M 70 PRO X broadcast microphone delivers the very best sound for streams and podcasts. An assertive, speech-optimised sound, a shock-mounted capsule, perfect attenuation of popping sounds and the well-crafted design meet the requirements and needs of today’s creators. Equipped with an XLR connector, the M 70 PRO X is the perfect choice for streamers, podcasters and YouTubers.


Proven natural sound over the course of decades

PRO X microphones apply the same philosophy as all other beyerdynamic microphones: They are synonymous with recording clear, natural sounds that optimally model speech, vocals and instruments. Singers and musicians have given high ratings for this unique, typically beyerdynamic sound for decades.

The microphones never make the attuned proximity effect sound muffled, while the extended upper frequency response records every detail of a voice. Mid-range sounds are reproduced powerfully and trebles and basses sound natural.


Reliable accompanist for every kind of session

The electro acoustic design of both PRO X Microphones has been developed from the ground up and provides exceptional performance. This results in a clear signal transmission without distortion or noise, whereby a powerful sound is guaranteed. In addition to the included shock mount to give the microphone secure purchase, the capsules are also internally fixed in position to significantly reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration, hand movements or similar. The included pop filter as well as an integrated high-density foam protect the capsule against dust and plosive sounds.


Robust design and excellent workmanship

The black, modern and slender design is made in Germany and fits perfectly in a modern creator’s workplace. The high-quality aluminium housing in combination with the robust steel mesh is break-proof and protects the microphone capsule from tumbles or rough handling. The overall weight was strongly reduced thanks to the use of aluminium, thus allowing the microphone to be mounted on all commercially available stands and microphone arms, without the unwanted side effect of causing the boom to dip.

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Technical data

  • Transducer Type


  • Polar Pattern


  • Microphone Frequency Response

    25 - 18,000 Hz

  • Connection Type

    XLR 3-pin

  • article No.


  • EAN


Rs. 26,499.00
M 70 PRO X