Given that we want to impress the most discerning of customers, achieving outstanding results is just par for the course for us. As such, the beating heart of the company is and will always be our research and development work. Our products are designed and made for professionals by professionals. The company is driven and dedicated to serving customers who apply the same high standards to sound quality as they do to functionality, comfort, build quality and reliability.

More than 10% of our employees work in this area. Graduate engineers, constructors, programmers, designers and other creative minds contribute to the company’s success with their innovative developments. We have them to thank for a lot of important technology that has made beyerdynamic one of the leading audio specialists in recent years, and the cream of the professional crop. This beating heart is precisely what is shaping the company’s present and what will also shape its future. The next new development, innovative breakthrough or new invention is never far away.

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Our latest major achievement that has caused a sensation all over the world is our collaboration with Mimi Hearing Technologies based in Berlin. This collaboration has resulted in the innovative personalization software called MOSAYC which is designed to enable users to personalize their listening experience with our headphones. MOSAYC - Attention to Detail with Mimi Sound Personalization already features in six products and ensures that the sound is optimally adapted to the user’s personal hearing over the course of their life.



Sophisticated hybrid ANC technology is used in the LAGOON ANC (Traveller and Explorer) mobile over-ear headphones. Here, microphones are built into both the outside and inside of the headphones. This has the advantage of identifying disturbing background noise as quickly as with feedforward designs, however the filtering process is much more precise, which is an advantage offered by feedback designs.

Gecko 360


The Phonum speakerphone firstly boasts unbeatable echo cancelling and secondly, thanks to Gecko 360° technology, boasts unrivalled voice tracking. This technology enables perfect 360º voice recording and equally perfect 360º sound distribution.


In the past, Revoluto technology provided conference participants with more freedom of movement: With its patented microphone array technology, it enables a considerably larger speech zone. The speaker has no disturbing gooseneck microphone in his field of vision and can concentrage fully on his topic and the audience.

Revoluto technology


beyerdynamic’s Scudio technology deals with any sound issues caused by transmitting mobile devices. Special shielding of the microphone capsule also ensures interference-free transmission in packed conference rooms with countless smartphones.

Interpreters who work a lot with headphones on account of the nature of their jobs really appreciate EarPatron. This patented technology protects the user’s hearing from excessive exposure to overly loud noise, thus preventing any damage from occurring. The digital protection feature in the interpreter system shows the level of noise to which the user is already exposed and thus acts as a warning system to prevent occupational noise-related stress.



Exclusive Tesla technology helps beyerdynamic’s hi-fi headphones achieve impressive efficiency levels yet subtly nuanced sound. There is good reason why the combination of a very delicate voice coil and a strong magnetic drive was named after the visionary inventor, physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943).

Tesla Technology

However, sound quality, which has always been one of the company’s key areas of expertise, also regularly benefits from the innovative prowess of our developers, which was demonstrated, for example, in 2006 with Headzone: this surround-sound mobile headphone system pushes the boundaries of physics with apparent ease. It enables natural 5.1 playback to be achieved using stereo headphones – all without installing a single loudspeaker in the room.

All products and core technology are developed in Germany at the company’s headquarters in Heilbronn. All our know-how originates here on the banks of the River Neckar in Heilbronn.