Legal warranty can only be claimed at the seller, the trading partner where you purchased the product. The seller is legally obliged to offer repairs and service according to his local laws.

In rare cases it happens that dealers and retailers do not respect this and redirect end users directly to the manufacturer.

Of course, you can always contact beyerdynamic or its local distributor directly in case of complaint. We, as a manufacturer, offer a limited, product-dependent manufacturing warranty. However, the manufacturing warranty differs from the local legal warranty. Certain services may be excluded, e.g. transport costs of the defective device from you to us. For further information, please refer to the warranty booklet.

In case you want beyerdynamic to handle the service for your product, we kindly ask you to use the below link and complete our RMA form.

We will redirect all obtained information to the nearest service partner and coordinate the service for you.

The locale service partner will than contact you for further processing.



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