Award Winning High End T1 Headphones


The T1 boasts unrivalled richness of detail and spatiality. But we know there’s nothing that can’t be improved, so our acoustical engineers have managed to make our benchmark-setting headphones even better: At the heart of the third-generation T1 is a gently intensified bass to give the very neutral, spatial sound signature even more warmth.

Enjoy Music with High Quality T5 Headphones


T5 headphones are famous for their uncompromising, clear sound quality. Our acoustical engineers have managed to now make them even better: The third-generation T5 achieves better, more natural reproduction of high mid-range frequencies. This means the sound signature is even more realistic.

Amiron wireless headphones

Amiron Wireless

Whether desk, kitchen or armchair – your music can now follow your every move. Without cables. But with the best sound quality. The Amiron wireless impresses with its ultimate ease of use via the intuitive touchpad and excellent Bluetooth® transmission.

Xelento wireless bluetooth headphones

Xelento Wireless

Xelento wireless makes the seemingly impossible possible. A superior sound experience is now achievable for the first time using Bluetooth®. The headphones’ Qualcomm® aptX HD™ codec ensures an outstanding Bluetooth® transmission quality unparalleled by other devices. Through the Xelento wireless, you’re guaranteed to have a high-resolution sound without dealing with a tangled mess of cables.

More High-End Headphones

Tesla T1 Headphones
Tesla T1 Headphones
Rs. 95,988.00
Rs. 79,990.00
Amiron Wireless Copper
Amiron Wireless Copper
Rs. 71,988.00
Rs. 59,990.00