Key differences between wired and wireless gaming headsets

Wired vs wireless headphones

Earlier considered a luxury item, headphones for gaming have become a necessary part of a gaming setup and allow players to gain an in-game competitive edge. In addition, they are crucial for game streaming since audio quality influences viewership. Gaming headphones provide crystal clear audio to chat with teammates and provide crisp audio quality that your stream viewers can enjoy. Whether single-player or multiplayer, gaming headsets enhance your gaming experience across all genres. 

There are a lot of headphones for gaming available in the market with different capabilities, but they are divided into 2 segments, wired and wireless. Wireless gaming headphones were frowned upon earlier as their quality did not match up accurate audio inputs that a wired gaming headset offered. But, technological advancements in recent years have placed wireless and wired headphones in the same league quality wise. The rise of gaming as a spectator sport resulting in multi-million dollar prize pools and crowds of people willing to pay to watch famous streamers is the reason for this. If you’re a casual gamer who just wants to reduce outside noise or a highly competitive gamer who’s grinding his way up the ranks to reach the upper echelon of pros, here are 5 critical differences between wired and wireless headsets to consider before making a purchase.

Wired vs wireless gaming headsets


1) Sound Quality


The sound quality of headphones goes beyond the type of connection to the audio source. It depends on the audio drivers and the quality of the materials. Pro gamers generally prefer wired headsets because the cable transmits audio directly from the source instead of redirecting it through BlueTooth, reducing the latency. A wired headset leaves less room for error. However, the aux cable also endures wear and tear and can get frayed or snap, causing an electronic buzzing in the headphones during gaming.  

Budget to medium-range wireless headsets can cause a loss of sound quality or a lag during in-communication. Pro gamers who want lossless audio quality have to purchase premium wireless headsets. Casual gamers who don’t mind sacrificing audio response for convenience can undoubtedly go for the budget wireless headset options. 


2) Battery Life


Wired headsets capture the upper ground in this criteria since they don’t require any charging as they directly connect to the aux port of the laptop/pc or the controller. Several wireless models are available with a long-lasting battery that doesn’t require frequent charging, but it still doesn’t take away the hassle of charging your headphone batteries. 

Streamers or pro gamers who play consecutively for extended periods may find their wireless headsets shutting off during gaming sessions, which they might find frustrating. 


3) Wire Management


Even though wired headsets provide higher audio quality at lower prices, managing the aux cable can be frustrating. Some wired gaming headsets have short wires that restrict the gamer’s movements. They are most susceptible to getting pulled out from the aux port in case of sudden head moments. 

Wireless headsets offer complete freedom of movement, unlike their wired counterparts. Wireless headsets connect to the gaming device through a BlueTooth  USB transmitter and eliminate the hassle of wire management. Gamers who hate hanging wires and prefer a clean setup can opt for wireless headsets. 


4) Durability


Durability is a deal-breaker when purchasing a gaming headset since it's an expensive accessory. Gamers want a headset that provides excellent sound quality for a long time. The gaming headsets' durability depends on the materials used in their build. The construction materials vary from brand to brand, and expensive headsets naturally have a robust build. Most gaming headsets, wired or wireless, can survive a drop from a small height. 

Wireless headsets without removable batteries have in-built batteries that deteriorate over time. For such headsets, gamers will have to purchase entirely new headsets when the battery runs out. 


5) Pricing


Several high-quality, affordable options are available in the wired gaming headsets segment. Wired headphones are relatively inexpensive than their wireless counterparts and provide higher audio quality in the same price range as wireless headsets. Players who want superior audio quality in their wireless headsets must pay exorbitant prices for premium, higher-quality devices. With wired headsets, gamers can enhance their gaming experience without spending ridiculous amounts on high-quality audio.

Final Thoughts

The choice between a wired and a wireless gaming headset is a matter of personal preference. While purchasing a headset, gamers should buy from a reputed brand as it ensures robust build quality and high-quality in-game audio. beyer dynamic is the leading headphone manufacturer in the world. Our headphones are made with the finest German sound technology and provide studio-quality sound for gaming. With Beyerdynamic headphones, gamers have an edge in close-call situations and can make game-winning plays.