Choose The Perfect Headphones For Your Next Trip

beyerdynamic Headphones for Travelling

Whether you want to soothe your flying anxiety or just relive the memory lanes, travel headphones come in handy. But what makes a great travel headphone? Is it sound, flexibility, charging time, connectivity, or something else? Let’s find out all the answers in this blog post.

Also, get ready to find out some of the best beyerdynamic headphones for travelling.


The Blue BYRD is a Bluetooth in-ear headset with high-performance beyerdynamic sound. With Blue BYRD, you can adjust to your demands when on vacation or at the beach. It sits comfortably in the ear thanks to its ergonomically designed shell. The in-ear bud doesn't protrude from the ear because of its flat shape housing and thus is suitable for listening to music even while sleeping. The Blue BYRD is light, practical, and a true all-rounder that will fulfil your needs as the ideal companion for your next trip. The beyerdynamic Blue BYRD includes many features, here are a few of them:

  • Bluetooth® transmission that allows hands-free music for up to 14 hours.
  • Music accessibility while charging.
  • Water-splashing protection (IPX4 protection class).
  • MOSAYC sound customisation, integrated via the beyerdynamic MIY app, modifies your hearing profile.
  • Sturdy case for damage protection.


If you can't live without the hi-fi sound on the go, Xelento wireless is a great option. With a 24 ct genuine gold logo, gold-plated connections, and silver-plated cables, Xelento wireless in-ear headphones boast an attractive and ergonomic design handcrafted in Germany. A space-saving etui is included in the scope of delivery to protect the headphones while on the go. In addition, the beyerdynamic Xelento wireless comes with the following features:

  • Thesen-ear headphones combine highly efficient Tesla drivers with Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio wireless certified quality.
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 neckband with the most up-to-date codecs (LHDC, Qualcomm® aptXTM HD, and aptXTM Adaptive).
  • Neckband integrated D/A converter with an amplifier, remote control, and microphone.
  • 10-piece set of perfectly matched ear moulds, 3.5 mm jack wire with remote control, and a hands-free microphone.

3. beyerdynamic BEAT BYRD

Travelling on a tight budget? beyerdynamic Beat BYRD is an affordable in-ear headphone alternative, as it offers low-profile housing that hugs your ear and provides comfort when you lie down, just like the Blue BYRD. Also, the beyerdynamic Beat BYRD ensures dependability and longevity. The beyerdynamic Beat BYRD includes the following features:

  • Well-balanced sound tuning and powerful bass.
  • The housing's ergonomic form ensures a secure and snug fit in the ear.
  • A flexible and well-designed cable, free of zigzag distortions, and comfortable to wear.
  • True dependability and long-term viability.

4. beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X

If you want to work on your creative ideas while travelling, then DT 700 PRO X will be perfect for you. The DT 700 PRO X offers a closed-back headphone design that blends in with the environment, allowing you to work on your projects in peace. It also has great connectivity with all devices thanks to its Stellar.45 driver. The beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X features include:

  • Detailed, strong, and bass-rich sound
  • Excellent passive isolation with exceptional wearing comfort
  • Long-lasting, resilient, and robust quality

5. beyrdyanmic DT 240 PRO

The compact DT 240 PRO is one of the best and most economical over-ear headphone options. At a studio level, these headphones have a distortion-free and accurate sound, allowing you to check and edit your recordings from any location. It is ideal for YouTubers, podcasters, and musicians who like the lightweight and foldable design, and wish to wear it for many hours. The beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO features include:

  • Professional circumaural headphones in a compact style
  • Transducers with high output to fit any studio or mobile application
  • Authentic expert sound tuning for accurate and pure sound reproduction
  • Superior background noise isolation
  • Soft ear pads and an ergonomic headband for comfortable wear.
Final Thoughts

It is up to you to decide which headphones are your perfect travel companion. However, before choosing the right one, prioritize comfort and quality.

beyerdynamic is one of the world's most renowned headphone brands, with a nearly 100-year history. We implement premium, cutting-edge German audio technology in our headphones, and microphones that can be found in recording studios worldwide. You can visit our website to select a pair of ideal headphones for your needs.