5 Fun Facts of beyerdynamic Headphones

As a true beyerdynamic loyalist, you’re probably aware of our DT series of headphones. Yes, we’re talking about the one popular with famous musicians and music enthusiasts all over the world. The well-known DT 770 PRO and DT 1770 PRO studio headphones from the DT series, both of which combine respect for tradition with pioneering progress, are considered essential headphones in most recording studios.

Whether you're a beyerdynamic fan or a novice dipping his toes into professional audio equipment, knowing the products helps you produce better audio.

Do you also know what the initials DT actually stand for? Or how heavy or, in fact, how light a voice coil inside one of our sets of studio headphones is? No? Well, dive into this blog to find out such fun facts and more!

Below are five facts that might surprise you and expand your knowledge of our products.

Fact no.1: 4 times thinner than a human hair

Headphones use diaphragms, which cause air molecules to vibrate to create sound waves. These diaphragms, located in the transducer, are moved by an electromagnet. The most critical component in all of this is the copper coil (voice coil) which is connected to the diaphragm.

Did you know that the coil in some of our PRO headphones is wrapped with a wire that is 4 times thinner than a human hair?! The lighter the coil, the thinner the wire – and the clearer and more precise the transducer will sound.

Fact no.2: From Hamburg to New York

As mentioned above, the coil wires in the headphones are made of copper. Did you know that we use just under 6,200 kilometres of copper wire every year?

That’s approximately the distance between Hamburg to New York.

Fact no.3: Headphones boasting electrostatic reproduction

Did you know that the first pair of headphones boasting electrostatic reproduction, the DT 880, were launched in 1980? The headphones instantly become the classic headphones of the premium line.

The headphones withstood the test of time and underwent only minimal modifications, which you can see in the DT 880 PRO model.

Fact no.4: Lighter than a peppercorn

The nerve centre of any headphone set is the system installed in the earcups. When one examines the components of our headphones closely, it never ceases to amaze people how such a spectacular soundscape can emerge from such a small area. Unbelievably, voice coils used in 32-ohm and 600-ohm headphones, for example, the DT 770 PRO, 32 ohms and DT 990 Edition, 600 ohms models, weigh just 20 mg! That is less than a peppercorn, which tips the scales at 30 mg. The total weight of our lightest diaphragm section, composed of a voice coil, coil collar, collar bonding and the diaphragm itself, weighs around 120 mg. That is 10 times lighter than the weight of a bumblebee!

Fact no.5: DT stands for dynamic telephone

Several sources credit the American Nathaniel Baldwin with inventing headphones. He joined two small mono speakers using a headband and launched the product on the market in 1910 under the name “Baldy Phones”. They were originally designed for use in the military, with over 200,000 orders for them placed up until 1922. However, these headphones were uncomfortable to use. This was mainly due to a lack of padding and the occasional electric shock, which didn’t exactly make the listening experience an enjoyable one.

The world’s first ever set of dynamic headphones, the DT 48, developed by our company founder Eugen Beyer was launched on the market in 1937. The letters “DT”, which is short for “dynamic telephone”, still feature in the names of many of our headphones to this day. On account of the DT 48 headphones’ solid metal housing, spring-steel headband, aluminium diaphragm and ferrite magnet, they were comfortable and extremely robust. They achieved excellent sound quality, ensuring electric shocks became a thing of the past and are still in production! Since then, we have launched several models that address the audio requirements of every musician, creator, or audiophile with the DT 700 PRO X, DT 900 PRO X, DT 770 PRO X, DT 990 PRO X, and DT 770 PRO.

Final Thoughts

beyerdynamic is the leading headphone manufacturer in the world. Our headphones are made with the finest German sound technology and provide studio-quality sound for established and budding musicians and producers.

We use high-quality materials to construct our products; the build quality is premium and made to last a long time. We also offer replaceable components for our high-end headphones. You can always replace a single damaged piece of your headphones in the event of a mishap, and your headphones will be as good as new again.